Thursday, December 1, 2011 saves the day!

This week a long-time halFILE user learned the advantage of putting their land records on This is a single server site and, unfortunately, that single server crashed. They thought they had a backup but there was none to be found. So they completely lost their core business database, their Title Plant, data and images.

But that's where saved the day.

As our partner on, they were automatically uploading their Title Plant data and images once a week to our server. Essentially, became their backup. So today, hal Technical Support reinstalled halFILE and reloaded their data. Tonite, we are overnighting about 500,000 images to them. Once those are copied to their system, this company will be back in business.

Oh, but wait! I guess they really were ALREADY back in business since during their down time, we provided them with a user login to so they could search their Title Plant records.

Can't put your records up on You can still subscribe to the halFILE Backup Service. All the same backup features as above at a reasonable fee. Don't let your business go up in smoke! Take advantage of these great off-site backup services from hal Systems Corporation.