Wednesday, March 6, 2013

PRIA Winter Symposium

Over 120 people attended the PRIA Winter Symposium last week in Washington D.C.  Here are some highlights:

ü  The Washington D.C. Recorder of Deeds Office hosted a visit that included an office tour along with a fascinating presentation on the history of the office and office holders/Recorders.

ü  Updates on everything “e”:  sessions on eRecording from a submitter’s perspective, eMortgages, eSigning, and a discussion on the ultimate e-Recording wish list.

ü  A panel discussion on a National Mortgage database.

ü  A panel presentation on title plants – what they are & how they operate (my favorite session!)

ü  PRIA Committee working sessions.

ü  Breakfast roundtable discussions along with several other networking opportunities.

To obtain membership information, visit the PRIA web site:

The Colorado PREP Chapter is meeting on March 21st from 9:00 – 11:00 and will include a presentation on GIS and Land Records.  Contact me for details if you are interested in attending.

Next week (March 13-15) Dave and I will be exhibiting at the ALTA Business Strategies conference in Oklahoma City.  Stop by our booth and take a peek at halFILE version 4.0!

Kathy Taylor