Friday, May 22, 2009

Send Documents to halFILE for Explorer

You can quickly import a set of PDF documents from Windows Explorer into halFILE with just a few clicks of the mouse. To set this feature up, perform the following steps:
  • Click the Start menu and select Run.
  • Type in "Sendto" in the box and hit enter, which takes you to the Windows SendTo folder.
  • Right click in the folder and select New-Shortcut.
  • In the box provided type in the path to your halFILE folder plus "hfpimp32.exe". So if your halFILE folder is \\server\halfile then you would type in \\server\halfile\hfpimp32.exe.
  • Click Next and name the shortcut "halFILE for Windows".
  • Click Finish
Once that is done, you can go to Windows Explorer, highlight a set of PDF documents, press the right click button and select the Send To-halFILE for Windows menu. The halFILE Send To Wizard appears to let you select a database and basket and even index the document. If you select more than one file, then after saving the first document, the next document will appear so you can add it to halFILE.

This feature actually works for any document type including Word and Excel documents. Try it out!