Wednesday, February 23, 2011

HUG-halFILE Users Group Conference 2011

Are you interested in learning more about halFILE version 4.0? You can be among the first to hear about new features and see them for yourself by attending the HUG-halFILE Users Group Conference 2011. Conference planning is in the works right now. We are looking at dates in October or November in beautiful Austin, TX.

Just a few of the new halFILE 4.0 features include:
  • Search speed dramatically improved. How fast? Come to HUG to find out!
  • Large popup lists (like Subdivisions) display instantly. Come to HUG and see for yourself!
  • Swap columns in the hit list and put them in any order you wish. Check it out at HUG!
  • Enhanced associated document support. PDF's and Office documents appear in a built-in viewer. Want to see more? Come to HUG!
  • Add some color to your halFILE. How? You'll find out at HUG!
  • Sort the hit list with one click? Be the first to know at HUG!
  • halFILE 4.0 and .NET 4 managed code-what does it mean? Find out at HUG 2011!

Learn more about these new features, plus many more by attending HUG 2011! Keep checking our website for details coming soon. We hope to see you there!

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